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My Dream to Become a London Escort

When I first moved to London, I started to work as a topless dancer in a bar. It was a bit of wild coyote moment, and I did get a kick out of it. The guy who owned the bar told me that I could earn a fortune, but I would not call a fortune £800 per week. Sure, a lot of people who work in London earn a lot less, but I wanted to make more money than that. When I worked in the bar, I soon found out that the bar was frequented by London escorts. They used to bring their dates in for drinks and to party in general. All of the girls were stunning and they looked like they did well.


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A little while later when i was getting fed up with having to share an apartment with two other girls. I started to explore the London escorts option. What did you need and how you could get there? I did look really good but did feel that I wanted to work out a bit more. I realised to work as a London escort you needed to be super confident and look really sexy. The best way to do so is to really look your best.


It was around this time I started to invest some of my earnings in nice clothes. All of the girls that I had seen from London escorts always had such nice clothes and I realized that it was part of the London escort dating scene. Fortunately, there are always plenty of sales on in London, and without too much effort, I was able to put together my own sexy little wardrobe. I did not quite look like a London escort as yet, but I was getting there.


My cash also stretched to putting together a photo portfolio.Most of the London escorts had some really sexy photos of themselves and I appreciated that to make it, I needed my own portfolio. Fortunately, I was able to do a deal with a photographer. He needed an adult model at the time, and thought I looked grea.  In turn he would make me a portfolio and I would be his adult model. It was a great deal and I ended up with this amazing looking portfolio.


Today, a few years later, I am actually working for a London escorts service. I work as part of an elite team and I do really well. It took me a while to get here but I loved the journey. Along the way, I met a lot of nice gents and had a good time. You are not going to believe this, but I am still doing a bit of modeling on the side. This year I need to have a month off from the London escort service that I work for as I need to travel to Hawaii to work. Will I be coming back? I think that I will, but Hawaii has always been one of my dream destinations and I would love to live in Hawaii, but I think that I had better work for a few more years.