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Special agencies in London

Maria runs a very special London escorts agency. It is called Petit escorts and has now been in business for two years just like the prestigious So many gents like to date petit escorts and I am trying to find them the best girls. I am very small myself and I think that helps a lot when it comes to running a specialist agencies. That being said, we operate the same kind of services that a normal agency would as well. It is really not that different but there maybe some challenges which are different from other escorts services. I love being int he business and hope to continue.

I am personally a great team player and like to work together with my girls. Being a great listener, i try to make the most out of this skill and this has proven to be vital. Together we have been able to create new services and the agency is now super busy. I like to think of ourselves as we, and this is a good criteria to have in any business. It helps the business to run smoothly as everybody thinks of the business as one unit and that goes a long way towards making the business successful.

Why are petites so important? I think it has to do with the french Lolita concepts. Petite escorts have a certain air of innocence and this is what turns so many gents on. All of the gents who date through our agency like small women. The only problem I have is finding small women and this is quite difficult in this day and age. A lot of ladies are larger and I have to interview a lot to find the right girls. I still think that running a petites escorts agency is viable business and new ideas are important.

Do I enjoy the business? Yes, I still enjoy petite escorts services and will continue to run them as long as they make a profit and the girls enjoy proving the service. Some none specialist agencies are trying to muscle in but they are seldom successful. They have no true concept of the petites escorts service here in London, and their petites are larger. I simply don’t worry about it as I know that we are doing the right thing. The girls and I are going to stick to our business plan. It has worked very well so far and I know our regulars enjoy it.

Escorting can be a very challenging business and most of my girls are always up for a challenge. This year we have add on petite duo dating and petite dominatrix. The girl who runs the dominatrix service is amazing and she has an excellent sense of humor. When we are all out together she is the life and soul of the party and we all love her. The girls all get on and this to me is huge bonus. I would not be able to do what I do if the girls did not get on.